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Feb 7, 2013 4:00pm PST
is wanted for crimes. >> he's a former l.a. police officer and u.s. navy reservist. >> he is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. >> he has a multi-page manifesto where he implicates himself in the slayings. >> this is a vendetta against all of southern california law enforcement. >> his whereabouts are unknown. we are considering him armed and dangerous. >> this christopher domier story is amazing if you watch t.v. at all or turned on the internet today, you've probably seen news about it. he has shot and killed three people not only lapd, but some of their family members. we've got more. >> police in southern california are on high alert as the manhunt continues for christopher domier accused of gang down fellow officers and their families in revenge killings. >> officer shot multiple times. >> seen here in his facebook profile, he shot two officers in riverside this morning, killing one minutes earlier in corona, another shooting. a bullet grazed an officer's head as domier sped away. he claims he was fired by lapd in 2008 for reporting abuses. he blames reti
Feb 4, 2013 4:00pm PST
snipers in u.s. history. he once shot a target more than a mile away. he was a highly decorated navy seal, seven medals of bravery. >> michael hastings joins us with this segment as well. when you read in kyle's history you read that he had five tours in iraq. there are reports that he killed as many as 160 people. what are your thoughts on this story? >> i think it's very much laudatory that he was trying to help a 25-year-old veteran with ptsd. kyle had great success with his book. he became somewhat of a celebrity in the military community, and he was trying to use that in a positive way bringing a kid out to a shooting range. i know people might think that's odd, why would you take someone with ptsd to a range and around gunfire. there were people who would go back in the war zone to relive the experience but instead have a positive result at the end of it. there are different things that people are trying to do to combat those things and it sound like that's what they were trying to do in this case. >> did you know chris kyle at all? >> no, i reached out to him when i did a story on
Feb 6, 2013 4:00pm PST
to deal with some issues that he had perhaps ptsd, and he went with former navy seal sniper chris kyle. actually the most decorated sniper in u.s. history with 160 kills he had in battle. four tours in iraq that he had. also shot and killed were chad littlefield. in fact, we have the 911 call "abc news" acquired it. when eddie ray routh went to his sister's house and had just shot those guys. here is that call. >> 911 what's your emergency? >> yes, ma'am, my brother just came by here. he told me that he committed a murder. >> laura blevins was terrified for her life. in just released 911 tapes she frantically says that her brother eddie ray routh had shown up at her texas home saturday and made a startling confession. >> he said that he killed two guys they went to a shooting range. he's all crazy. he's psychotic. >> the 25-year-old former marine snapped, turning his gun on two men at shooting practice with him. >> he was recently diagnosed with ptsd. >> okay, okay. >> he's been acting weird. >> routh now stands accused of taking the life of a war hero who was one of the country's most
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3